Thursday, December 3, 2009

this is what i do during health class.....

In: mouthwash drops
Out: gum
do you ever wish that you can read peoples minds sometimes? I mean think about it. wouldnt it be cool if you could know the story behind what people are doing and what they heck they are thinking when they do stuff. today in health when i was supposed to be writing notes I was looking around at people and just thinking to myself: what is the girl next to me trying to draw? it looks like a cross between a wolf and a stick person. and i was wondering how often prof wears those pants because i saw some white stuff on the front of it. sometimes in restraunts i play this game called "whaddya think". i pretty much just make up stories about what i think families and people are doing.
Anyway-new subject- im almost ungrounded (is that a word?)!!! Deceember 18 is the day! and i promise i will put more pictures up as soon as i can. I also have detention. saturday. in the morning. at 8 am. yeah im not exactly looking forward to doing that. specially since i the other person that has detention is my ex boyfriend. lets call him.... herman.
and i still need to christmas shop!


  1. Herman? HERMAN?

    Man, you must really hate him :)

  2. aaannnnd uummm no i dont hate him,and yes his name is herman,,,not harold