Friday, October 23, 2009

Wrong kind of paper towels? Well Im SoOoOryyyy...

In: Almonds, frosting, and pictures!
Out: Tator tot casserole...blah :P

Today in English we read a book about a girl who grew up with her dad hunting. She never bought any food from the store. The only food she ate was stuff her dad shot. This varied from moose to deer. It was gross. And then later is the story after she talked about how completely normal it was to eat moose she said that she couldnt eat a leg opf a lamb because it was too cute.....ummm.... :/ Yeah no comment. So anyways the assingment was to write a story about food. Yeah that is a pretty broad subject. So I knew that this was going to be hard. And to make it worse we already had a book report to do by monday which I by the way havent even started. :P So then it finally came to me in Religion what to write about! The nasty tator tot casserole that my mom makes. Haha so yeah I wrote a page about how much me and my dad hate it during Religion. It didnt matter though that I wasnt paying attention Prof. P was talking about why our school doesnt have dances and adultery and awkward stuff like that. You think its bad havin convos like that with your parents? Try listening to your ancient male professor talk about it...yeah not good.

Okay so I finally got the computer to work so Im going to add some pictures on here. By the way I really want to make my own layout so if anyone has any tips on how to do that that would be sooooo great!!

This is a picture of me and my best friend clare. Im the brunette :)This is a picture of me and my cousin...its not the best of me but Im trying to hurry :)

Yeah....ummm not comment, as you can tell we love makeup! :)

My two best friends. Hannah is in the middle.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just sitting here :P

Hey guys! I wanted to add some pictures on here but yeah my frigging computer isnt really working right now and I still have to figure out this whole blogging thing! This s my frist blog and so if you have any tips that would help me that would be great!! Thanks! You can email me at or find me onFacebook megan95chloe

Yeah, I should probably get up and quite being lazy....not gonna happen!

Out: Rainy gloomy days. :P
In: Shopping!
Hey guys! Yeah today has been my lazy day. We had a sudy hall for 3rd hour which of course I didnt do anything (and now I'm kind of regretting that because I kind of have a lot of homework) and Dr. Menton was at ILC so we missed two classes then went straight to lunch which wasnt too bad, but really? What normal teenage high school student wants to sit for two hours listening to someone talk staight for 2 hours? Not me! Its waaaay better than having P.E though because we finally finsihed with the tennis section s now we are moving on to basketball which I like basketball but after P.E we have more classes and I dont want to stink in class. :P
I cant wait for tomorow! We have a study hall and then for 6th hour typing class which is awesome because its easy and yes I will admit it- kind of fun...i said kind of! Well, sorry this is such a short entry but me and my mom are going shopping for confirmation gifts for my two cousins. Talk to you later!
By the way, Im planning on adding pictures on here so you wont have to guess what my pretty face looks like!!! Haha :P