Monday, November 30, 2009

at school

in: christmas shopping
out: school and sickness
hey guys!! im at school right now. i have to have 3 hours of detention for two saturdays :P yeah it really sucks. i still have to christmas shop also so that i can give them to my friends by december 18.
New Moon:
i cant wait to see it! but i dont have any money so i didnt go when it first came out like a lot of my friends but im planning on going as soon as it comes out in the cheap theater for sure!
i love taylor lautner, alot of my friends like edward more. i will put a poll on here!
anyway how was your thanksgiving? i went to my grandparents up north. didnt do much excpet the usual. for christmas my whole extended family is going to a cabin for a week so that should be fun. we have three and a half weeks off for break!!! :D :D
so anyway i got to go im almost ungrounded! ive got until december 18! then i will add some pictures. time for keyboarding with roehl :P

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kay, i know i havent written in a long time ssoooo...

mmmkkkaayyy so im kinda in a hurry and i dont have anything really to say but i just wanted to write so that you would know that i wasnt dead or anything :P yeah im sure you all worried! me and my best friend have this prooject we have to do about a poet and we are going to make a poster. it will be pretty cool. we are doing the poet study on ogden nash. if youve never heard of him you should look him up because he is HILARIOUS!! lol here is one of his poems:
The eel
I dont mind eels
except as meals.
yup thats what it is, me and claire were standing there laughing at his poems in the library forever. mr g must have thought we were crazy :P