Monday, November 30, 2009

at school

in: christmas shopping
out: school and sickness
hey guys!! im at school right now. i have to have 3 hours of detention for two saturdays :P yeah it really sucks. i still have to christmas shop also so that i can give them to my friends by december 18.
New Moon:
i cant wait to see it! but i dont have any money so i didnt go when it first came out like a lot of my friends but im planning on going as soon as it comes out in the cheap theater for sure!
i love taylor lautner, alot of my friends like edward more. i will put a poll on here!
anyway how was your thanksgiving? i went to my grandparents up north. didnt do much excpet the usual. for christmas my whole extended family is going to a cabin for a week so that should be fun. we have three and a half weeks off for break!!! :D :D
so anyway i got to go im almost ungrounded! ive got until december 18! then i will add some pictures. time for keyboarding with roehl :P

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